⚠️📢Disclaimer (China export control of anti-epidemic substances)

Regarding the export control requirements for anti-epidemic materials, all merchants/manufacturers must cooperate with customs policies to provide accurate filing and registration qualification certificates to clearly distinguish between medical and non-medical and civilian categories. For distinction, please seek qualified/compliant purchasers to place your order.


The following is the disclaimer content of the Asia5B Shipping and delivery declaration:-

1) Asia5B has no obligation to check/inspect the quality, and all proven documents have been provided by customers/merchants;

2) No matter what type of situation, once customs inspection result failure, Asia5B will not bear any compensation;

3) After customs inspection, once the goods are detained/confiscated, Asia5B will not bear any compensation;

4) If the expenses incurred due to customs inspection, other processing fees, etc., all costs directly transferred to the merchant to pay;

5) No compensation will be made for any delay in the shipping and delivery during the export control period;

6) Asia5B will not make any compensation for any shortage/loss due to customs inspection, etc.;

Remarks: Once placed your order at Asia5B, you agree to be bound by these disclaimer content of the Asia5B Shipping and delivery declaration.


Updated: June 23, 2020 @ 12:30pm