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A My Account 1 I fail to log into my account, what should I do? If you forgot your login password, you may click on "Forgot Password". An email will be sent to you to reset your password. Please contact our team if you need any assistance on this issue.
2 How do I change the information in my account? You can log into your account by choosing My Account > My Profile to edit your information (e.g. Personal Details, Address Book, Login Password and Payment Password)
3 How do I register for an Asia5B account (PC Version)? 1. Access the Registration page.
2. Fill in all needed details.
3. Get an OTP SMS for a verification code.
4. Click submit and you will receive an email notifying you of your successful registration.
4 I forgot my login email address, what should I do? Alternatively, you may log in by connecting to social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google+ and WeChat. If you forgot the email you used to register for Asia5B, please contact our team for more details.
B Order 1 How do I place an order? 1. Register as a member.
2. Start searching using several methods (e.g. search for items through product categories, images, keywords or third party platform links).
3. Select the desired product's SKU (colour, size, other product attributes and quantity).
4. Add the item to your cart.
5. Confirm your order and submit it for verification.
6. Make your order payment using My Wallet, FPX or Credit Card.
7. Payment is done.
8. Click History > Order Details to check your order's status.

NOTE: Kindly refer to our User Guide to learn more.
2 Can I cancel my whole order or one / several items in one order? Once your order payment is made (invoice is generated), you are not allowed to cancel the whole order or a part of the order.

NOTE: Please check if your selected items before making payment for an order.
3 How do I check if my current order has any issues? You may check at My Order > Issue. If any issues occur, it will be stated clearly with image(s), reason(s) and we will request action(s) from you.
4 Why am I unable to add my selected item(s) to my shopping cart? Your selected item(s) might be out of stock for certain SKU (Size, Design, Colour and other attributes). Kindly contact our team if you find that the "Shop from Globe" platform is still able to place an order for the item when Asia5B is unable to.
5 Once an order is cancelled, can I reuse my voucher? No. Please note that vouchers used in orders are deducted in the total order amount. If the order is cancelled due to the item being out of stock, the voucher will not be returned and will not be available for reuse for another order.
6 How do I change the shipping and delivery method for my existing order? Changes in the delivery address / recipient's details / shipping & delivery method is not allowed once the order has been made successfully (invoice is generated). This is to prevent fraud attempts and to reduce any mistakes when changing details.

NOTE: Kindly ensure all the information is correct before placing an order.
7 How can I change item(s) attributes for my existing order as I have selected the wrong item? Changes in product attribute or any form of SKU is not allowed if the order has been successfully made (invoice is generated).
8 Can I change delivery address / recipient details after an order has been shipped? Unfortunately, we are unable to change the recipient's information and delivery address once your order is shipped from the China warehouse.
9 How can I change an item(s) quantity after I submitted an order for verification? Change in item quantities after submitting an order for verification is not allowed. It is recommended to cancel the existing order and remake an order with the actual quantity you want.
10 What is "Wishlist" and how does it work? "Wishlist" is a collection of desired things you wish to buy. You just have to click on ? and the product will add into your "Wishlist". The "Wishlist" is user-friendly and is able to: -
1. Change the product's attribute (SKU), quantity and you may buy it directly by clicking on the "Buy" button on the product's page;
2. Share through social media by clicking on the " Share" icon.

Shopping has never been this easy. Just click, click, done!
C Products on Asia5B 1 How can I search for item(s) at Asia5B? There are several methods to assist you to find products on Asia5B: -
1. Type in keywords to describe the item you are looking for.
2. Upload an image through the image searcher [icon].
3. Copy the website link from "Shop from Globe" (several overseas platforms like Taobao, Tmall, 1688, JD, Yiwugo are available) and paste the link in the search bar.
2 Where can I get more product information?
You can get the product information at Product Page > Product Details and Product Review.
3 Where can I get more seller information?
You can get the seller's information at Product Page > Seller Corner > Shopkeeper, which includes their description, service and delivery rate.
4 Are all items as found at Asia5B or "Shop from Globe" covered by product warranty coverage? All products sold on Asia5B or "Shop from Globe" does not contain product warranty coverage unless the seller in "Shop from Globe" provides it. Customers should contact the seller in "Shop from Globe" to negotiate and arrange the product's maintenance.
D NG Goods 1 My Parcel status stated the parcel as NG Goods, what should I do? If your order has arrived at the China warehouse and it is found that the item are defective, the system will update its status as NG Goods. The Asia5B team will contact you to proceed to the next action.
2 If I want to exchange or return items in NG Goods Status, can you send it back to the seller for me? Yes, we can act on your behalf to facilitate any exchanges and returns you would like to make. However, some sellers will charge an additional delivery fee to resend the items. All costs incurred on exchanges and returns will be borne by the customers themselves. Our team will assist you and follow your decision pertaining to this case. 
E Payment & Withdraw 1 What are the modes of payment can I use? We provide 3 modes of payment for an order: -

1) Using My Wallet Balance
2) FPX payment (Real-time transfer)
3) Credit Card Payment
2 Why am I unable to checkout? We are sorry that you are facing difficulties with checking out. If this happens, please contact our team. Before contacting our team, please check if: -

1. you provided wrong information for FPX and Credit Cards, OR
2. you have Insufficient credits to pay, OR
3. your payment password is wrong
3 After Top-Up Payment, why is it not shown in my Asia5B credit? Situation 1: My bank account has been charged but there is no transaction record in my Credit.

Sometime banks might use a few minutes to process the payment, therefore please check later. If it still is not shown in "My Credit" transaction record after a few minutes, please contact our team with relevant information (Top-Up time, Top-Up account which is FPX or Credit / Debit Card, Bank Name, Top-Up times and transaction numbers). You can forward the payment confirmation slip to us on WeChat or email it to cs@asia5b.my
Situation 2: My Bank account has already been charged, but the system shows ‘Pending (waiting for verification)'.

This is due to the risk control verification by the ATM or Online Transfer, where the process time is normally within 1 working day. Once the verification is successful, the corresponding amount will be added to your "My Credit". However, the amount of money will be stated as floating / on hold to your Asia5B bank account. If you are in a hurry, please contact your bank for further consultation. 
4 What happens if my payment method fails during order checkout but my bank transaction payment is successful? In the event where your chosen payment method fails at the point of check out or during Top-Up Payment, you will have an option of retrying the payment method or choosing a different payment method. If your payment method is unsuccessful but your bank has generated a transaction, please contact Customer Support and provide your payment details (e.g. payment modes / gateway, bank transaction details and devices - PC, Apps or Responsive H5 for the payment). Do not worry, our team will check with the finance department, once your transaction is successfully credited in your Asia5B Bank account, we will amend the system and inform you of the status.
5 What is the handling charge of Top-Up? Handling charge for FPX or Credit card is about 0% (the transaction charges is waived by Asia5B). Therefore, you can save even more and enjoy shopping at Asia5B.
6 What is the handling charge of withdrawals? There are no additional handling charges for withdrawals.
7 How do I apply for withdrawal? If you want to withdraw money from your Asia5B account to your bank account, you may apply via My Credit > Withdraw, fill in the details and submit it. Our team will process your application within 2 - 3 working days, after which the withdrawal amount will be returned to your selected bank account (personal bank account or third-party payment account). During the processing period, the money you apply for withdrawal will be frozen in order to ensure the actual withdrawal amount meets your original application.
F Shipping & Delivery 1 What is the expected delivery time for "Shop from Globe"? The expected delivery time for the "Shop from Globe" platform is around 3 to 22 days. As it will take an approximate 3 - 5 days for air shipment while 19 - 22 days for sea shipment and the shipment duration starts when the parcel is shipped from our China warehouse.
2 How do I track my order status / parcel? Parcel status can be track after the parcel is sent out from the China warehouse. You can track on your order detail by click on "My Order" > Delivery > select the order number that you wish to track, click "Order Details" > "Tracking" for whole order while "Track" for each item, you will be able to see the logistics information. 
3 I can't track my order in My Order Details page. What do I need to do? If you are unable to track your parcel status in an order, your parcel might have just been purchased from "Shop from Globe" and the seller has not delivered it yet. The parcel tracking information will be available within 24 hours after the seller delivers it out to the Asia5B China Warehouse.

NOTE: Please contact our team by Live Chat or WeChat with your order number if you are still unable to track your parcel after 5 or more working days.
4 What shipping method does Asia5B offer for "Shop from Globe"? Asia5B offers 4 shipping methods, which are:
For Normal Items:-
 Economy Air (Duration: 3 - 5 working days from China warehouse)
 Sea (Duration: 19 - 22 working days from China warehouse)

For Sensitive Items:-
 Special Air (Duration: 3 - 5 working days from China warehouse)
 Special Sea (Duration: 19 - 22 working days from China warehouse)
5 How to check each item's weight? You may check the item's weight at My Order > Payment > Total Weight once the order verification is done. 
6 What are the weighing methods used?
Asia5B uses 3 types of weighing methods, which are:
1. Actual weight: Actual weight is the weight of the parcel once it is packaged.
2. Average weight: Average weight is actual weight plus volumetric weight and then divided by two.
3. Highest weight: Highest weight is the weight selected between actual and volumetric weight, whichever is greater.

NOTE: Volumetric weight is (Long x Width x High) cm / 6000 
The current international freight is based on the actual weight or volume weight, whichever is greater.

 1. If the volume of the consignment is of the actual weight, the freight will be settled in volume.
 Example: Actual weight 8kg, but larger: volume 60cm x 40cm x 30cm
 = 72000 / 6000
 = 12kg
 => Calculated as 12kg

 2. If the actual weight of the consignment is more than the weight of the shipment, the freight will be settled by using actual weight.
 Example: Actual weight 15kg, volume 60cm x 40cm x 30cm
 = 72000 / 6000
 = 12kg
 => Calculated as 15kg

Example Description:
The following is an illustration of international freight calculation with different products (pans and bedsheets) but placed in same size cartons.
7 Why should I pay the price difference although my order is paid fully during the one-time payment? You may need to pay for the price difference due to certain cases, such as:
1. Seller increased the product's price (e.g. promotion ended, change in SKU)
2. The price difference for China domestic fee (extra charges according to the distance between seller side and China warehouse)
8 I received an incomplete order, what should I do? If you received an incomplete order item(s), kindly contact our customer service with proof (e.g. pictures).
9 Why do I receive my order in separate deliveries? Normally, your parcel is separated into more than one deliveries because:
1. Your parcel contains sensitive items, therefore it is separated into 2 parcels before it was shipped out from the China warehouse.
2. NG goods are received, so the seller has to resend the items again while our team seeks your advice if you would like the rest of the items to be shipped out first.
10 What if I am not at home when the package arrives? For this situation, the courier service will call you or send it back to the post center. They may leave a message in the form for your information. If you miss out on the 2nd delivery, additional shipping fees will be incurred for the third delivery.
11 In what circumstances Asia5B cannot deliver the parcel(s)? Normally, Asia5B cannot deliver your parcel (s) if:
1. Custom on hold.
2. Natural disasters happen cause delay or damage

NOTE: Asia5B Customer Service will update you the status. If the parcel status stated delivered but in fact you haven't received any parcel yet, please contact Asia5B Customer Service for more details.
12 Can I request to ship out multiple orders together? Sorry, Asia5B does not offer this service. 
13 Can I deliver an order to multiple address? Sorry, you are not allowed to do so. 
14 Can I request to ship out certain item(s) early and separate it into more than one delivery? No. Your parcel will be shipped out accordingly as stated in your order. However, you may request to send out your purchases that have arrived at the China Warehouse, but the rest of the parcel will incur extra shipping charges and delivery fees.
15 If my parcel is lost, is any compensation provided? If a parcel is lost, Asia5B will refund 100% of the total amount
(goods amount + China Express + International Shipping + Local Delivery fee + Processing fee + Parcel Handling Guarantee fee)

NOTE: Kindly refer Return and Refund Policy for more information
16 I just received an email that mentions my parcel has been delivered, but the parcel has not arrived. What do I do?
The information may be wrong or the system is not up to date, kindly wait for another 1 - 2 days. If still did not receive it, please contact our team for further information.

NOTE: Before contacting, please check through our tracking service at My Order > History > Order Details, then click on "Tracking" or " Track" for each item to check the logistics information.
F Returns 1 I received the wrong item, what should I do? If the item you received is not what you originally ordered, you can submit Goods Returns Request via My Order. Please notify Customer Service at Live Chat and we will assist you right away. Please provide sufficient information (Parcel No., Order No., Reason of goods returns, Photo captured the items received) for prompt return resolution. Our Customer Service will contact you and request you pack the item in its original package, with full accessories and courier back to us. TIPS: Kindly read and follow our how to return user guide here.
2 When and how can I apply for a return? You may communicate with our team when you receive defected items / parcels.
Upon receiving and inspecting your purchase, you can apply for a return within 14 days by contacting our team. Refund payment will only be released once our team examines the defective items / parcels to see if it is qualified for coverage and check if you purchased Parcel Handling Guarantee.
Select the product(s) you would like to return, choose a reason and fill in your email address.
G Exchange and Refunds 1 Can I refund if my product is out of stock once I have made payment? Yes. If the product is out of stock, Asia5B will refund the particular item's charges, included product price, and other charges (if any), back to you.
2 Will I be refunded my shipping fee for goods returns? It depends if you bought parcel handling guarantee. Kindly contact our team for further clarification. You can view the information stated in https: / / asia-allnet.com:8000 / return-and-refund
3 Can I request for an exchange or refund after received my parcel if the item does not meet my requirements?  Exchange and refund requests depend on the seller's exchange policies. You may contact Customer Service for exchange or refund requests, we will try to negotiate with the seller on your behalf. Note that all costs incurred for the exchange process or processing fees will be charged to the customer. 
NOTE: Exchange or return of items will be easier if the items are still in Asia5B China Warehouse. If the items have been dispatch from the China warehouse or shipped to Malaysia, it will be hard to arrange for exchange or return of items.
H Other Topics 1 How are the voucher and voucher code used? You can select the existing voucher in your account. IT requires you to key in a voucher code. Just enter the relevant voucher code when you make payment. The total order amount will be discounted directly.

NOTE: Only one voucher can be used for one order. All vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. 
2 What are the Terms and Conditions for voucher usage? The respective voucher terms and conditions (T&Cs) can be viewed by double-clicking the voucher image and the voucher content bar.
3 How do I use shipping discount coupons? Currently, all the Asia5B Vouchers can only be used in a single transaction (Deduction amount on the sum of international shipping, local delivery, processing fees, parcel handling guarantee).
4 Can I enjoy all the offers and discounts offered by the "Shop from Globe" sellers? You can enjoy the discounted prices and preferential conditions (such as the number of purchases) on the seller's page. Sometimes the "Shop from Globe" seller's promotional function cannot capture the price after the discount in Asia5B. If the item you purchased fulfills the promotion condition, you can manually write and indicate the type of offer / promotion in the remarks column. Asia5B will not guarantee that we will obtain the exact offer you want. 
5 Tell me more about "GIMWorld" services. GIMworld is an e-commerce company that specializes in shipping parcel services (ship-for-me). You need to place an order on your own and deal directly with the overseas seller and make the product payment. You are required to deliver your order to the address as mentioned in GIMWorld. Submit your shipping order at GIMworld and you may combine the parcel that you want to be shipped together, submit (Create Waybill) together and we will measure the weight for you. After you pay the GIMworld international shipping fee, we will ship the goods to your destination.
6 Tell me more about "ONEZARA" services. ONEZARA is an online shopping platform that specializes in local merchants, introducing local brands and providing a great shopping experience.

ONEZARA products include kids & baby items, luggage & travel bags, household products, shoes and more! All ONEZARA items are ready stock, so come and check out what ONEZARA has in store right now!
7 Why can't I check my international shipping costs in advance? The international shipping fee is calculated by the product weight or volumetric weight. After you submit an order, an order verification is required and our team will verify it and update the weight measure together with the revised price (following the latest established price) in the system.
Therefore, we can only know the shipping costs after the verification, then you may proceed to payment. Asia5B provides a one-time payment solution to allow customer pay all the related charges. Customers do not need to wait for a 2nd times payment. However, there are certain cases in which customers need to pay the price difference in terms of revised product price or China Domestic Delivery Fees.