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After-Sales Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. Common Queries

1. Why choose Asia5B?

    We offer a competitive price (in large quantities) and Sea Freight option (ideally for bulk or heavy items) available for you.

2. What are the special services offered by Asia5B?    

    a. Better processing fee

    b. No credit card transaction fee

    c. Reasonable International and Local shipping fee

    d. Parcel handling guarantee

    e. Excellent customer service


B. My Account

1. Can I purchase an item without registration as a member?

     Unfortunately, no. You will need to sign up as a member before you can make a purchase.

2. What should I do if I do not receive any mobile verification code?

     If you have not receive any mobile verification code, kindly request again for a new one. Please contact our customer service if 

     this issue cannot be solved. Customer service: +60 10-908 0255.

3. Will Asia5B keep all of our personal information private and confidential?

     Yes. Asia5B will keep all of the members’ personal information private and confidential. We will not share, lease or sell any of your 

    personal information to the third party without your consent.

4. Must the member's information be the same as the receiver contact details?

    No. It depends on who is the receiver. However, if you wish to ship your parcel to another address, you may add a new one 

    at "Member Centre".

5. How do I retrieve my passwords?

     Please click "Forgot Password?" in the login page. https://asia5b.com/user.php?act=get_password

6. Can I change the membership information after the account registration is successful?

     Yes. You can change the membership information in your "Member Centre"


C. Orders Management

1. Why the item I received differ (i.e. colour) from the image posted on the website?

    Images shown on the seller’s page may be differ from the actual products in terms of the colour and quality. There is a few possibility, 

    it could be:

     a. Sellers may be using a photo optimizer to make their products more attractive

     b. Sellers may be using images from other sources (i.e. an authentic product images)

2. Can you verify if the product(s) I purhcased is authentic? 

    Unfortunately, at this point, we are still unable to verify the authenticity of the products you have purchased.

3. What if the product(s) I received is not the same as the one that I expected (i.e. bad quality, not authentic)? 

    Unfortunately, we do not take on any responsibility for the difference in quality or inauthentic of the product(s) as described by the 

    seller. We would suggest you to check on the seller’s rating and reviews before you make a purchase.

4. How do I get the simiilar product(s) from other "Dai Gou" website in Asia5B? 

    You can copy and paste the link of the product(s) from their websites into Asia5B's search bar. If it is available on our website, you 

    can then place an order with us. 

5. Do Asia5B guarantees the quality of the product(s) that I pruchased?

    Unfortunately, we do not guarantee the product(s) you have purchased. Asia5B only provides services by shipping the product(s) from 

    China to our customers. We would advice you to purchase product(s) from a more realible seller.

6. Why I was told that the product is out of stock, but, I am still able to see the inventory record of the shop online?

    For most of the shops, they may not show the precise record of the inventories. On the other hand, asia5b gets the actual inventory 

    record by contacting the sellers one by one. This is to avoid any disappointment to the customers.

7. Can I ask for a refund if my product is out of stock after I have made my payment?

    Yes. If the product is out of stock after you have made the payment, we will do a refund (shipping costs included) to you.

8. Can I cancel my order?

    Yes. You may cancel your order before you make a payment. Go to "My Orders" and click "Cancel Order" to cancel your order. 

    However, if your product has been processed then you will not be able to cancel it anymore.  

9. Can I still change my order after I have made my payment?

     It depends on if:

       a. the seller has not ship it yet: We will try our best to assist you by talking/negotiating with the sellers, only for an exchange 

           (i.e. quantity ordered). In some cases, merchants themselves may allow for an exchange in the product (i.e. specifications or 

           colours of the product), that only apply if they run out of stock. In addition, the user can also change the recipient details 

           (i.e. name and address).

       b. the seller has shipped: We will not be able to do anything at this point of time. You may make a Return and Refund, and then 

            place a new order again. Do note that, the shipping costs will be borne by you.

10. My parcel has arrived in your warehouse, but I do not want it. Can I cancel my parcel (i.e. refund)?

       Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel your parcel there is a quality defeat in the product(s).

11. Can I ship fragile product(s)? till change my order after I have made my payment?

      Yes. We will try our best to handle it with care. Do take note that we will not take on any responsibility (at your own risk) if the 

      products are broken on its way (during international shipping) to you.

12. How do I submit my order through Asia5B's Mobile App? 

       Refer to the “Mobile Apps Shopping Guide”

D. Payment and Charges

1. Why do I receive a call/message asking me to pay an outstanding balance even after I have made my payment?

    As we proceed to place an order with the respective merchants, the product price on the website may be different from the actual 

    price (subjected to change), thus, we may ask you to pay for an outstanding balance.

2. What is the transaction number/reference number for ATM/ e-Banking transfer?

    a) Transaction number is the reference number provided by the bank after you havecompleted a transaction.

    b) For an ATM transfer or cash deposit, it's a 6-digit number shown on the receipt. For e-banking, it's a 8 to 10 digit number depending 

        on the bank you use. It is shown on the webpage informing you that the transaction is successful, so please copy it down before 

        closing the page.

3. How do I check if my payment is successful or unsuccessful?

    You can check on your "Transaction History" at "My Account" if your payment is successful or unsuccessful, rejected, or still pending 

    for verification. Also, it may take up to 2 days for our finance team to verify your payment.

4. What should I do when the Top-up payment done, but my Asia5B's account still did not receive any credit? 

    Scenario 1: There is no credit recorded after top-up (credit card)

    Credit card top-up funds generally arrive immediately (real-time). If you have yet to receive after 1 hour, do check if there is any 

    receipt issue with your bank. Please contact our customer service for more information about the top-up payment (i.e. time, method, 

    account details), amount, and transaction order number. We will try our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

    Scenario 2: E-Banking does not have any update after reloading

    Usually it will be debited to your account within 24 hours. you may check on your "Top-up status" if e-Banking top-up payment is 

    successful or unsuccessful. Please allow up to 2 - 3 days for the bank to process the top-up payment if it falls on weekend or public 

    holiday. You may also contact our customer service to check on your status. 

5. When can I get my refund after the withdrawal is done?  

    Please allow us to work on your withdrawal process for up to 3 working days. Also, bank-in for InterBank transfer will take up to 2 

    working days.

6. How do I apply for an account balance withdrawal?  

    You can apply for an account balance withdrawal. Go to "My Account", click "Withdrawals", fill up the information and amount you 

    wish to withdraw. Our accounting team will work on your application within 3 working days. Once the application is being processed, 

    the funds will be debited to your bank account, and it will be deducted from your Asia5B's account balance.

E. After Sales

1. How much is the shipping cost and how long is the shipping duration for each freight method?  

    You may refer to the link below for more information about the shipping cost and duration (working days). 

     i. Shipping Cost https://www.asia5b.com/news.php?id=69&cat_id=22 

    ii. Shipping Duration (working days) https://www.asia5b.com/news.php?id=87&cat_id=45 

2. Will Asia5B take the responsibility if parcel - product(s) received are broken/damaged?

    Yes. You may refer to the link below for more information about the Goods Return & Refund Policy.


3. Why do I still not receive my parcel after 10 days (after payment - economy air shipping mode)? 

    It will take an approximate of 7 - 10 days for an economy air. Meaning, the shipment duration starts when the parcel is being shipped 

    out from our China warehouse.

4. Can I change to other modes of delivery even after I have made and chose for a sea shipping mode?

    You may contact our customer service to check/confirm the current status of your parcel (whereabouts) and by chance we might still 

    be able to change it for you.

5. How do I track my parcel? 

    You can track on your order details in "My Order", select the order number that you wish to follow up, click "Order Details", you will be 

    able to see the logistics information at the bottom of the page under the consignment note section.