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Service Charges


Fees Calculation = Product Price + China Domestic Delivery Fee+ International Shipping Fee+ Processing Fee + Malaysia Domestic Delivery Fee +Extra Charges (Optional)



Ø  The volume calculation of product (Air & Sea Shipment) based on 0.5 kg rounded method.

Ø  Minimum weight is 0.5 kg, less than 0.5 kg will be counted as 0.5 kg whereas more than 0.5 kg will be rounded up to 1 kg

Ø  0.5 kg will be one counting unit



Ø  If the product weight is 1.2 kg, counted as 1.5 kg

Ø  If the product weight is 1.6 kg, counted as 2.0 kg

Reminder: We are encouraging customers to purchase more, because the more products to purchase, freight calculation will be cheaper.


Total Charges calculation as below:
Purchase for 3 products
 product price & total weightProduct + Packing
              Product A
RMB   28.00  = 1.3 KG
              Product B
RMB   16.00  = 0.1 KG
              Product C
RMB 100.00  = 2.5 KG
             Total Price
RMB 144.00  = 3.9 KG

                                  => Round up = 4KG


A. Product price

Products prices as stated already covert with the exchange rate into the corresponding price of MYR. 

Kindly contact customer services if have any inquires. (Hotline: 016-3655255)


B. China Domestic Delivery Fees

We do not collect extra charges where the China Domestics Shipping fee is collected by the seller such as Taobao, TMall, JD, etc. Most of the sellers are free postage, but some sellers may collect postage fee, and some seller require customer to purchase specify amount of goods only free postage. Thus, customers have to alert on this issues.


C.   International shipping fees

International shipping fees is a cost that the parcels shipped from Guangzhou warehouse to the country where the customer is located.  

Below is the updated International Shipping fees as September 2018 promotion price:-

Sea Shipping




Air Shipping




Note: By Air Shipping - If the package you ordered exceeds 120cm x 80cm x 80cm, an extra long fee will be charged (the package will be charged for the final calculation after the package arrives at the China warehouse. Asia5B Customer Service admin will contact customer for details of this charge)

D. Local delivery fees

>  Local delivery fees is when customer place order and select the "door to door" (delivery to home) service.

>  Beginning  from September 2018, we will enact new pricing promotion in MINIMUM KG in International Shipping that user consume in reachable weight to get greater cost saving together with exclusive offer in LOCAL DELIVERY FEES EXEMPTED (Free local delivery).

Good news! Due to popular demand on sales and positive response, we've extended the "FREE LOCAL DELIVERY Promotion" promotion period through 31st October 2018!

E.  Processing fees

Ø 2% of processing fees include all the documentation fee and ASIA5B storage fee

Ø Calculation as below:

Processing fee = (product price + China domestic Delivery fee) +( International Shipping Fee) x 2%



F.   Parcel Handling Guarantee

The parcel is guaranteed value-added services provided by Asia5B for the goods purchased by the customer. Customer has purchased the Parcel Handling Guarantee to ensure that all goods if happen any damaged or lost in transit, other incident occurred, Asia5B will treat as the priority issue that deals with the customer to understand situation happens, and compensation for your corresponding amount of goods.


If the customer wants to buy Parcel Handling Guarantee, may refer to the page when on-going to confirm all the charges in billing at the checkout page, it automatically calculates the cost of parcel handling guarantee.


Parcel handling guarantee is calculated as follows:

Parcel handling guarantee = (Product price + China Local Express + International shipping) × 3%


If the customer receives their parcel found out there has any quality issue, and these problems are caused by our staff handling mistakes, you can apply for goods return (My order page) on our website within 7 days of receipt of the package, upload the photo and specify the reasons for the return. Our administrator will inform you if you need to mail the parcel to our company Customer Service Dept. (mailing address: No 59 & 61, Tingkat Maju Jaya, Pusat Perniagaan Maju Jaya, Kampung Baru, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang. , The parcel return back to the postage will be borne by the customer. We will handle and respond to any product damages within 7 days of receipt of the package.


The status of the goods may have defected are as follows:

    a. Product error: items, size, colour and other attributes with your next product are different;

    b. Damage to goods: found to be damaged, defective or broken.


According to the above conditions arise, the customer has to buy Asia5B package handling guarantee, we will be 100% of the goods price, international shipping and delivery fees and processing fees will be compensated, the maximum compensation limit of RM5,000. If the value of goods over RM5,000, while the needs of purchase Parcel Handling Assurance, may subject to Asia5B's Management approval.

Calculated as follows:

Compensation amount = (Product Price + China Delivery Charges + International Shipping + Local Delivery fee + Processing Fees) × 100%

If you do not purchase Parcel Guarantee, ASIA5B will not give any compensation.

* Note: We will retain the final decision (Terms and Condition applied), thank you for your cooperation and support.


Customers can contact our customer service (customer service: +60 10 908 0255) before purchasing/ checkout. The company will consider whether to accept the customer's request. The compensation will be refunded to your account in cash.


Please note that the following conditions are excluded from this compensable coverage:

a. Damage caused by improper packaging (Subtle differences in appearance are not included in the compensation)

b. Fragile goods (For example: glass products, ceramic products, handicrafts and bottled food and beverages, etc.)

c. Dangerous goods and contraband

d. Loss due to natural disasters such as bad weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake, flood natural disasters, etc. 

e. Confiscation parcels at customs inspection. 

f. Functionality of the product (start operating) If the product itself (electronic product/mechanical/part/food effective trial period/product manual and appearance) has operational problems, it will not be liable for any compensation

g. Minor defects such as damage, scratches, holes, dents and large stains

h. Quality problems, original & fake identification

i. Damaged outer packaging box

j. Freebies or free gift (lost/damaged)

k. Small item less than 2.5 cm

l. Decorative accessories


Package Loss Claim Shipment Guarantee

If the customer's entire order is lost during the shipment, we will refund the amount to the customer's account. (Whether or not there purchase of Parcel Handling Guarantee).

The maximum compensation limit of RM5,000. If the value of goods over RM5,000, while the needs of purchase Parcel Handling Assurance, may subject to Asia5b Management approval.

Customers can contact our customer service (customer service: 60+ 10-902 0255) before purchasing / checkout. The company will consider whether to accept the customer's request. The compensation will be refunded to your account in cash.

Parcel Lost: the amount of compensation = (goods amount + China Express + international shipping + local delivery fee + Processing Fees + Parcel Handling Fee - if any) × 100%


Terms and conditions:

1) The entire cost of purchase (only for Package Loss Claim) will be refunded to the customer;

2) Indemnity days: Lost parcels means not received within 60 days after it ship out from warehouse, 100% parcel loss claims will be returned to the customer's account.

West Malaysia: (Sea shipping = 50 working days; Air Shipping= 20 working days)

East Malaysia: (Sea shipping = 65 working days; Air Shipping = 30 working days)

3) The maximum claim amount to claim a parcel loss is RM5,000 per order.

Please note that the following conditions are excluded in counting of compensation days:

A) Customs inspections delay the entire transport time

B) Container congestion in Port / Delayed departure of containers due to deteriorating weather

C) East Malaysia Delivery is not included in this guarantee

D) The promotion period of the platform (such as: double 11, double 12 or other event promotions) resulting in excessive order processing and delay the entire transportation process

E) Malaysia Holidays and Public Holidays