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Shopping Guide

Shopping Procedure

SHOP at Asia5B anytime and anywhere


Step 1: Pick the goods / Select items

Method 1: To the product dictionary list or enter the product name on the home page in the search box to select your favourite goods.

1.       Search by product name and click the photo of the item you are interested in

2.       View product information of your choice, such as price, product features, product reviews, photos and other details

3.       Confirm your shopping items (all items you choose will be added to the cart waiting to confirm)


Method 2: To the Chinese third-party platform (Taobao, TMall, Jingdong, Beautiful, ..) copy the goods linked to the site of the search box, and then according to the favorite product color / size / style to join the shopping cart.

Step 2: Submit the order, review the order

Ø  Go to the "Shopping Cart" page, select the goods you want to order and enter the information to complete the 

        confirmation and confirm the relevant information:

        i)        Local delivery mode,

        ii)       Select the shipping address,

        iii)     Select the consignee,

        iv)     International transport mode,

        v)      Commodity list


Ø  Confirm that you can submit your order. Back-end system admin/ auditors will revert back the order verification within 

      one hour.

Step 3: Order payment / Top-up first then made payment

Ø  Please re-confirm your details and mailing address

Ø  Select the transaction mode you want and view the structure of the item cost

Ø  Choose the payment method for the item you want to purchase

Ø  Must settle all order costs including item prices, shipping costs and other charges to proceed to the order confirmation

Ø  If your account balance is insufficient, you can either choose direct pay exactly invoice amount or pay more than the 

      amount of the item with Top-up payment method.

Step 4: Submit Order and Order Confirmation

Ø  Upon completion of the payment, you will receive the billing info and invoice as attachment for the order confirmation of 

        the item

       * Note: Once Order Confirmation processing had been done, which cannot be cancel order or changed order details.

Ø  After system placed order at 3rd party’s platform, Transport and Logistics team will ship immediately and deliver your 

      order in a few days. (Kindly refer to the shipping duration information)

Step 5: Receiving parcels

Ø  You can view the order status in "My Orders". Once the parcel away from China Warehouse, the system will automatically 

        change order status displayed as "shipped", you can also click on "Package Logistics Details" in the order options.

Step 6: Delivered (Received with Sign as proof) & Review

Ø  Upon received of the parcel, the courier or the dispatcher will require the recipient to be certified and signed.

Ø   Unpack and check the goods condition, if no any problem with the goods received, kindly browse to the "My Order" page 

       and click "confirm receipt" as acknowledgment received & order completed with fill in evaluation of purchasing 

       experience completely.

Ø  Asia5B would like to thank you for your shopping and welcome to repeat purchase with same excited experience 

      shopping again.