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Funding and Withdrawals of the Clients Account

1.      All registered client must have credit in their account prior to any purchase. You may fund your Account by credit or debit card, e-banking funds transfers, e-wallets (Social Wallet) or other similar methods of money transfer acceptable by the Company (FPX banking) or any of its affiliated bank or companies from time to time in its absolute discretion. Transfers to fund your account can only be initiated by member account through the ecommerce platform (Asia5b.com).


2.      The minimum initial deposit required to start buying online is described in the ‘A5b Accounts’ section of our Website. At our discretion we can allow you to start buying online if you have transferred the minimum initial deposit exactly same as Order Value.


3.      You may request to withdraw funds deposited from your account as per the procedure described in the withdrawals section of the website, subject to delivering to us the required information. If your withdrawal request is made to us without meeting all requirements, the Company reserves itself absolute discretion to execute this withdrawal request until all legal requirements are met.  The Company does not charge any fees for transferring withdrawal funds to you, but any expenses incurred by the bank, credit card company, payment processor, or e-wallet for transferring the withdrawn funds shall be borne by you; please refer to the relevant section on our website. The maximum amount that can be transferred to your initial deposit facility is equal to the balance of account amount remained.


4.      You must then send us a withdrawal notification containing the withdraw amount, receiver bank, your desired withdraw method either credit card or debit card, beneficial bank account holder name, identity card, beneficial bank account number by using the web form on the Website.


5.      The Client is fully responsible for the Top-up or withdraws funds details given to the Company and the Company accepts no responsibility for the Client's funds, if the details provided by the Client are incorrect. If a withdrawal request is made to a bank account, the Client has to ensure the withdrawal details request to provide his bank details. If withdraw without obtaining sufficient and appropriate information, the funds will be remaining the same at his account and a new withdrawal request must be re-submitted.


6.      The requested amount shall be remitted to the bank account/ debit card in 7 working days or credit card 12 working days respectively (following the original mode of transfer). The Company will affect withdrawals of Client funds only when the identity of the Client is verified by the valid credit/ debit card account, or bank account.


7.      The company management is advised to establish a proper timeline for refund to client on the excess balance held by the company which subject to Unclaimed Money Act (Section 8)

a)      Without any debit/ credit transaction at client account in 1 year time, company will aware customer via 1st notification email/ SMS and phone call to inform/ remind customer about long held account at website account.

b)      Therefore, after half years client he/she still without any action, 2nd notification immediate deliver out.

c)      After half years client he/she still without any action, 2nd notification immediate deliver out.

d)      After 2nd half year, 3rd notification delivery out to client.

e)      Once accumulated 2 years without any further action for the remaining funds, the company may attempt to expropriate account from client and close client membership account.