Perks of Bulk Buying



Enjoy and experience more benefits when you shop with Asia5B! Asia5B is Malaysia’s first one-stop wholesale mall that supplies local businesses and stores with wholesale supplies directly from China manufacturers. All you have to do is place orders with just a few clicks and rest assured that we will deliver your order to you directly from the manufacturers! No longer do you need to rely on other courier services! When starting up a business, all businessmen and women would wonder where to get wholesale supplies? What if there’s a backlog of supplies that aren’t easy to sell? Well, Asia5B is perfect for you!

1. Low Minimum Order Quantity
Want to buy wholesale products in bulk, but sometimes the batch is just too large and the price just isn’t worth it? Asia5B allows you to purchase and replenish your supplies and stock in small quantities without worry regarding the backlog of goods and capital due to large minimum order quantity.


2. No Processing Fees
Asia5B provides one-stop wholesale services. From placing orders to having orders shipped out to you, the Asia5B team will handle it all from A to Z without any additional charges. Psst, customer service is available and free for consultation if you have any questions or concerns. The Asia5B customer service team will gladly help out and answer your concerns.


3. Safe and Reliable Checkout
We value your privacy and security, and thus, guarantees that every transaction you make on is secure and will not be given to any third parties. You do not need to use Alipay, and just need to make a one-time payment (goods’ price + shipping fee) in MYR. Besides, FPX online banking payment and Debit / Credit card online payment functions are now available on Asia5B. You can complete and make payments using any banks in Malaysia!


4. 0% Online Banking Fees
When making payments during online shopping, bank fees are inevitable with different banks charging different amounts. However, when you place an order on Asia5B and pay through online banking, no banking fees will be charged!


5. Budget Easily
Asia5B’s system and layout is easy to understand and easily operable! After placing an order, the system will automatically display the total volume and shipping costs of the order. This makes it easier for you to plan and prepare a budget!


6. Ship directly to Malaysia
After placing orders and making payments, the manufacturer will arrange for the shipment to be delivered to the warehouse in China. Asia5B will then arrange the order to be shipped out from the warehouse directly to your doorstep! Convenient, saves time and saves money!


So many benefits, but at what cost? All you have to do is just register an account on and start browsing now!