King Glory Schoolbag Primary School Bag Male 1-3-6 Grade Children's School Bag 6-12 Years Old Male Backpack

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Trumpet Han Xin (grade 1-3)
Xiao Zhaoyun (grade 1-3)
Small Goku (grades 1-3)
Small Galen (grades 1-3)
Small Supreme Treasure (grade 1-3)
Large Han Xin (grades 3-6)
Large Zhao Yun (grades 3-6)
King Goku (grades 3-6)
Large Galen (grades 3-6)
Large Supreme Treasure (grade 3-6)
Trumpet Fengqiu Huang (grade 1-3)
Large Phoenix Seeking Phoenix (grade 3-6)
Trumpet Fengqiu Huang (tianlan)
Large Phoenix Seeking Phoenix (天蓝)
Small Lanling King (1-2)
Large Lanling King (3-6)
Small Luban No.7
Large Luban No.7
Random Large Size (not Accepted)
Random Small Number (not Accepted)
School Bag
School Bag + Watch
School Bag + Pencil Case
School Bag + Pencil Sharpener
School Bag + Pencil Case + Pencil Sharpener
School Bag + Watch + Pencil Case + Pencil Sharpener
School Bag + Watch + Pen Box + Pencil Sharpener + Random Weapon
Schoolbag + Random Weapon (send Phoenix To Seek Phoenix Weapon Pen)
School Bag + Watch + Pen Box + Pen Machine + Weapon + Tutorial Bag
School Bag + Tutorial Bag (send Pen)
Schoolbag + Premium Gift Package
School Bag + Hat
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