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22 Yards / Shoe Length Approximately 15.3cm
23 Yards Shoe Length About 16cm
24 Yards Shoes Inner Length About 16.5cm
25 Yards Shoes Length About 17cm
26 Yards Shoe Length Approximately 17.5cm
27 Yards / Approximately 18cm In Length
28 Yards / Shoe Length Approximately 18.5cm
29 Yards Shoe Length About 19cm
30 Yards / Inner Length Of About 19.5cm
31 Yards In Length About 20cm
32 Yards Shoe Length About 20.5cm
33 Yards Shoes Approximately 21cm In Length
34 Yards / Shoe Length Approximately 21.5cm
35 Yards / Shoe Length Approximately 22cm
36 Yards Shoes Inner Length About 22.5cm
37 Yards Shoe Length About 23cm
38 Yards Shoe Length Is About 23.5cm
39 Yards Shoes Inner Length About 24cm
40 Yards Shoes Inner Length 24.5cm
41 Yard Shoes 25cm
42 Yards Shoes Inner Length 25.5cm
43 Yards Inner 26cm
44 Yards Shoes Inner Length 26.5cm
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