Anti-light Curtain 92/100/110/120 Inch Ultra Narrow Side Metal Picture Frame Home Hd Projector Screen Hard Screen

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RM494.42 ¥801.45
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Pet Hard Screen (the Whole Piece Does Not Need To Be Assembled)
Optical Anti-light Curtain (requires Assembly)
Led Projection Anti-light Screen (supports 30 Degree Side Projection)
80 Inches (1cm Narrow Border)
84 Inch (1cm Narrow Frame)
90 Inches (1cm Narrow Border)
92 Inches (1cm Narrow Frame)
100 Inch (1cm Narrow Frame)
110 Inch (1cm Narrow Frame)
120 Inch (1cm Narrow Frame)
133 Inches (1cm Narrow Frame)
140 Inch (1cm Narrow Frame) Recommended 2500 Lumens Or More
150 Inch (1cm Narrow Frame) Recommended 3000 Lumens Or More
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