304 Stainless Steel Straws Food Grade Color Titanium-plated Milk Tea Coffee Beverages Can Be Customized Straight Tube Straight Tube

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RM0.18 - RM6.00 ¥0.30 - ¥10.00
China Domestic Freight : RM6.00 (To Be Finalize)
Original Steel Color
Figure Pattern
Titanium-plated Gold
Titanium Plated Black
Titanium-plated Purple
Titanium-plated Blue
Titanium-plated Rose Gold
Titanium-plated Color
21.5cm*6mm Straight Tube
21.5cm*6mm Elbow
24cm*6mm Straight Tube
24cm*6mm Elbow
26.5cm*6mm Straight Tube
26.5cm*6mm Elbow
21.5cm*8mm Straight Tube
21.5cm*8mm Elbow
24cm*8mm Straight Tube
24cm*8mm Elbow
26.5cm*8mm Straight Tube
26.5cm*8mm Elbow
21.5cm*12mm Straight Tube
24cm*12mm Straight Tube
26.5cm*12mm Straight Tube
20cm Suction Brush
23cm Suction Brush
24cm Suction Brush
25cm Black Velvet Bag
29cm Black Velvet Bag
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