About Asia5B


Launched in 2016, Asia5B is now a rising One-Stop B2B Marketplace platform that offers both “B2B Wholesale” and “Buy for Me” services to businesses and individuals in Malaysia.


What is B2B Wholesale?

B2B Wholesale offers Bulk Buy products located and made in China regions to businesses located in Malaysia.


B2B Wholesale will be able to fulfil customers’ needs and wants when purchasing these products. Customers will no longer have to worry about anything and only have to select their desired products, make payment and receive the goods.


This service provides flexibility and ease for sellers in Malaysia with goods source direct from China wholesale suppliers anytime, anywhere. The direct cost is also lower with the removal of the middleman and buying straight from the wholesale supplier. No more travelling to China required!


What is Buy for Me?

Buy-for-Me Service (Chinese: 代购 dàigòu) offers assistance to customers in buying products from various online shopping sites in China such as 1688.com, taobao, jd.com and tmall; and arrange door-to-door delivery with low shipping cost.


What benefits does One-Stop B2B Marketplace offer?

Customers only need to confirm purchases in the shopping cart and make payments to complete a B2B order. Customers no longer have to worry about handling orders as Asia5B B2B Marketplace system will assist in handling everything for you, including doorstep delivery directly from manufacturers. 


With Asia5B One-Stop B2B Marketplace, customers no longer need to spend time communicating with vendors as Asia5B will handle all after-sales services and follow-ups for you.


The goods you order will be delivered to you directly through international shipping services. Mixed bulk purchasing and order consolidation services, where products from different manufacturers are packed together in order to save costs, are provided for all customers. Asia5B also provides secure online transactions with alternative payment methods and on-time delivery.


As an online platform, we continue to develop services to help businesses or individuals do more and discover new opportunities. Wherever you are in Malaysia, you can access to Wholesale or Buy for Me easily from our Website and Mobile Apps, with assistance from our customer service in handling your inquiry.


Feel free to contact us on WhatsApp, WeChat below for any further queries and or leave a comment at Live Chat in webpage or mobile apps.

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